Rope Access blank

Rope access allows performing of difficult works quickly and saves costs of alternative approach methods – scaffolds, mobile platforms, elevated platforms and heavy equipment.

Industrial rope access is a safe working method developed to highest industrial standards over the past 30 years. Although not very common in Finland, rope access, as developed by IRATA International, has a long history in construction, civil engineering and offshore oil and gas, and a well-developed system of training, practice, equipment management and planning routines that ensure quality and safety.

Our IRATA trained technicians are supervised by our own Level 3 supervisors who have a minimum of 2 years and 2,000 hours experience, but in many cases surpass the minimum requirements by many years and thousands of hours. IRATA standards exceed those under Finnish legislation, and in the case where our client’s requirements are even more strict than the standards dictated by IRATA, we would be happy to apply them as well.

All rope access works are planned well before start of works, exercised, if necessary, and rescue plans are well thought out in advance. This allows us to guarantee safety and also carry out work with the least amount of inconvenience to our clients.

Rope access allows fast access to complex work sites and saves both time and money needed for alternative means of access, such as scaffolding, lift equipment, platforms and the use of heavy transport equipment.